The Smithsonian Institution's "Section of Photography"

The Collection Continues

The collection was intended to be "a record and reference collection of interest to the general public as well as photographers." Smillie was well-acquainted both with Washington's commercial photographers working out of studios along Pennsylvania Avenue and the F Street business districts and amateurs, including those in organizations such as the Camera Club. He sought images and equipment for the collection from all of them. This collecting policy continues to the present day, ensuring that the Smithsonian documents and preserves the full history of photography.

Thomas W. Smillie's photographic studio
Thomas W. Smillie's photographic studio at the Smithsonian was state-of-the-art. Smillie's combined roles as Official Photographer and Honorary Custodian of the Section of Photography are now divided among various curatorial units and the Office of Printing and Photographic Services.

Photographic collection at the National Museum of American History
Today the photographic collection at the National Museum of American History is protected in climate controlled areas with acid free archival materials.

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