Reaction to the 1896 Washington Salon

The German-trained American photographer Alfred Stieglitz was the best-known supporter of the photography-as-art movement in the United States. He analyzed the salon in the English journal Photograms of '96, noting that the United States National Museum purchased prints from the show. Stieglitz declared the event successful; he felt America had finally created an art photography exhibit worthy of international attention. Although he was very interested in establishing an American photographic salon, Stieglitz did not participate in the 1896 Washington Salon. He had advised the organizers on the proper rules of a European photographic salon; some of these were ignored by the Washingtonians.

Alfred StieglitzAlfred Stieglitz (1864-1946)
Display of Stieglitz's work A 1983 National Museum of American History display of Stieglitz's work

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