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"Edison Mazda Lamps"

Image: female flamenco dancer.
Blotter number 153; image number: LAR_B153.

Text on blotter reads:
"Edison Mazda Lamps."

During the 1920s many artists, including Maxfield Parrish and Norman Rockwell, painted images for use in General Electric advertising. Artwork contracted by the company adorned calendars, matchbooks and the backs of playing cards–and ink blotters. Unfortunately, we do not know who painted this colorful Flamenco dancer. Experts who have seen this image doubt it is the work of either Parrish or Rockwell; viewers suggestions can be e-mailed to Lighting A Revolution

This blotter has no text other than the brief title–no sales pitch, no description of product, just images. The dancer catches the eye, while two light bulb silhouettes and the unusual winged GE logo reinforce the title. The space at the bottom (as seen on many of the blotters) is left for the local lamp seller's imprint. 

    For additional information about artists and lamp advertising see:
  • National Museum of American History, Archives Center collection # 2002.3019, General Electric Nela Park Collection
  • National Museum of American History, Electricity Collections, Electric Lighting Collection
  • "Beyond the Blue: The Art of Maxfield Parrish,"Smithsonian Magazine, July 1999
  • The Norman Rockwell Museum <>


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