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Artist: Mary Chaney for KTTV/Fox 11, Los Angeles

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Artist: Mary Chaney for KTTV/Fox 11, Los Angeles

In February 1996, the eight operators of the El Monte sweatshop pleaded guilty to conspiracy, involuntary servitude, and smuggling and harboring of illegal immigrants. Their sentences ranged from two to seven years. Suni Manasurangkun, Wirachai Manasurangkun, Surachai Manasurangkun, Phanasak Manasurangkun, Sunthon Rawangchaisong, Rampa Sattahaprasit, and Suphon Wirayutwilai are currently serving time in federal prison. Seri Kanchakphair completed his sentence and has been deported to Thailand.

Courtroom sketches of defendants listening to court proceedings in United States v. Manasurangkun, Aug. 21, 1995, and of three former El Monte sweatshop workers testifying at subsequent penalty hearing

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