Introducing a new podcast series from the National Museum of American History

Collected is a project of the African American History Curatorial Collective at the Smithsonian’s National Museum of American History. Centering stories curated by the Collective’s members, this podcast offers compelling and accessible journeys through topics in African American history that are particularly relevant today.

The topic for the first season of Collected is Black Feminism. Over this six-episode podcast season, listeners will encounter terms and ideas circulating in mainstream society that have their roots in the work of Black feminist writers and activists. By exploring the history around terms like “intersectionality,” “self-care,” and “identity politics,” with the help of notable Black women scholars and writers in the field, Collected highlights the importance of Black women thinkers and shows how their work, past and present, can be used to interpret our present moment. Hosted by Dr. Crystal Moten and Dr. Krystal Klingenberg, the show highlights why Black feminist critique remains crucial to understanding the times we are living in and how we might look to the past for an understanding of our future.


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Season 1 will debut in weekly installments February 24–March 31, 2022. Audio and information for each episode will be available here as they are published.

Host Bios

Crystal MotenDr. Crystal M. Moten is a curator of African American history in the Division of Work and Industry, where she specializes in African American business and labor history. Previously, she has been an assistant professor of history in small liberal arts colleges on the East Coast and in the Upper Midwest. Her current research centers on the intersection of race, class, and gender, and specifically Black women’s economic activism in the civil rights era Urban Midwest.

Krystal KlingenbergDr. Krystal Klingenberg is a curator of music in the Division of Cultural and Community Life, where she specializes in Black music and entertainment. She has previously held assistant professor and visiting professor positions at several institutions. Her in-development book project is on the creation and distribution of Ugandan popular music, exploring questions of national identity through music and the nexus of politics and cultural expression.

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Because of Her StoryCollected is funded by the Smithsonian American Women's History Initiative and the National Museum of American History.